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Burnham Painting offers a variety of painting and light construction services, all designed to make your home or property look great. We serve both residential and commercial properties, and we can do pretty much anything it takes to get the job done. And if there's something you need that's not listed here, chances are we can do it. If not, we know who to ask.

Click on each picture to learn more about each service, and to view some more images. Click here for a more detailed portfolio.

Exterior Painting


Exterior Painting is the bulk of the work that we do in the summer season. Here in Maine, the winters can be brutal and the seasonal changes make it very difficult for even well applied high quality finishes to last decade after decade.  So we need to maintain the paint on our exposed houses, both for cosmetic reasons and of course for durability.  Burnham Painting has over 10 years experience applying the right products to the right surfaces both for beauty and for longevity.

Interior Painting


Let us beautify and update your interior surfaces.  Whether just one celiing, or whole floors, spraying or highly detailed, new construction or hundred-year-old plaster, we have been there and can handle all of your interior needs.


Plaster Restoration


We can hang and tape whole floors or just do small patches.  Whatever is needed to get the job done to your satisfaction, quickly, and with the least hassle.




We can do all kinds of light carpentry, from interior re-trimming to stairs, to siding. Whatever it takes to get the job done we'll do it.


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