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Plaster Restoration

We are pleased to have several experiences in plaster repair and restoration.  Most people know the difference between drywall and plaster, and that techniques used in one trade can translate into the other.   But they also know that depending on the circumstances, and especially if you are trying to restore elements of historical spaces in a manner consistent with the original craft, some study, research and practice is needed.  At the Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul in Lewiston, we had an opportunity to restore the water damaged wall along Bartlet Street, which had an original and unique texture pattern that needed to be matched.  In addition, there were a handful of plaster elements, repeating designs and angels' wings that were minimally damaged and needed repair.  The molds for these, if still existing, could not be found, so we made our own molds. To learn more about this job at the Basilica, check out our featured job profile here.

basilica interior survey (16).JPG
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Plaster Repair, Basilica

Similarly, we restored the plaster in a home office. The ceiling was collapsing.  We traced out cracks that could be repaired, areas that needed to be replaced, and crown molding that was crumbling.  We made plaster knives, and molds, and put the ceiling back together. For more information on the Hudson Lane house, click here.

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